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past exhibitions and showcases

arcadian 2019

arcadian [ar·​ca·​di·​an] (adjective): idyllically pastoral, idyllically innocent, simple, or untroubled

whether you take a flower in your hand, listen to the soft sound of the wind dancing through the trees, feel the warmth of the first sunlight or gaze upon an untouched landscape – that moment, even if it only lasts a second, is your whole world. to capture not just that moment, but how it feels to be in that moment, was one of my goals for the arcadian series. spending several months traveling after my debut show in 2018 allowed me to immerse myself in the endless wonders of nature and to take the time to really see what I was looking at. this is something we as the human race take for granted more often than not - we haven’t the time to really see. by definition, ‘arcadian’ is a poetic shaped space associated with bountiful natural splendour and harmony. with the beauty of simplicity and charm, i have been able to capture a unique embodiment of the world around me, and with that, i encourage those who look upon my work to seek beauty in unusual and forgotten places and to grow with these moments not grow around them.

Brisbane; Metro Arts Warehouse

Mackay; Jubilee Community Exhibition Space

arcadian 2019

7th of april - 28th april

sylvia ditchburn fine art gallery, townsville, queensland

a small showcase of selected works from "arcadian's" larger collection

viridity 2018

viridity [vuh-rid-i-tee] (noun): naïve innocence; youth; greenness in both literal and figurative senses

mackay artist, tayla maree comelli’s, first solo exhibition celebrated the freshness of nature and the innocence of youth with viridity. the work, featuring the watercolour techniques tayla has fallen in love with and focused on since graduating with a major in illustration three years ago, features 45 pieces inspired by elements of flora, fauna and the relationships between colours. the works are complemented by original poetry by alessandra romano, who tayla studied with at james cook university, and were displayed on original timber structures created exclusively for the exhibition. despite an impressive folio of commissions and exhibiting individual pieces in group exhibitions, tayla was excited to explore a full body of work and began her professional art journey with viridity.

"sun dances in spaces between ferns; glints and smiles like chimes in the wind

in the quiet of trees it sings and animates everything in its path

dappled and perfect; i'm not talking about people or myself,

i am part of this earth again

where i belong"


2016 exhibitions

i was involved in two of the BIA (brisbane institute of art) season exhibitions, winter 2016 and summer 2016. i was given space to exhibit between 12-16 pieces per show and was lucky enough to sell most of those pieces.

BIA winter 2016

BIA summer 2016

golden hours exhibition 2014 

co-curator, producer, featured artist

golden hours was an art group made up of university graduates that together produced art of all genres and exhibited the work in an interactive "live art" fashion. The team's debut exhibition was held in November 2014, and after taking hiatus from live events, the group plans on making a comeback in the near future. Golden Hours was also nominated for the 2014 NQ Art Awards, “Arts Event or Festival of the Year” in Townsville.

* click image on left for the official golden hours video*

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