Tayla Maree


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2019 exhibition in focus arcadian - a bespoke collection of ink and watercolour pieces.

Whether you take a flower in your hand, listen to the soft sound of the wind dancing through the trees, feel the warmth of the first sunlight or gaze upon an untouched landscape – that moment, even if it only lasts a second, is your whole world. This is something we as the human race take for granted more often than not - we haven’t the time to really see.  With the beauty of simplicity and charm, I have been able to capture a unique embodiment of the world around me and I encourage those who look upon my work to seek beauty in unusual and forgotten places too.

as a multidisciplinary artist, i am constantly inspired by the world around me and often find myself portraying connections between earth and humankind. to help highlight these connections and more, i have invited freelance poet & writer a.f.romano to join me indefinitely on my journey. her captivating words can be found throughout my website as well as accompanying my exhibitions, past, present and future.  

for all enquiries & questions please use the contact page or alternatively you can email taylacomelli@gmail.com 

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